Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we take the people that matter for granted. Whole lives can be wasted while we let busyness and pride and even laziness rob us of the relationships that make life worthwhile.

I did that.

Sheri was my best friend. The best person I knew. But I moved a long ways away, and our lifestyles were different, and … meaningless excuses. I let her go.

Regret is a pointless emotion. It’s insidious and eats away at you, but it’s completely avoidable.

I decided I didn’t want to live with that regret anymore, so I sucked it up and wrote Sheri a letter. And because she’s the person she is, she forgave me, and welcomed me back into her heart and her life.

There’s room in our lives for all kinds of relationships. It was wrong of me to give up a friendship because it was no longer the same. Because I still need Sheri—she is special and unique and I am a better person when she’s in my life.

Everything is made better by the good people in our lives. Whether we see them every day or once a year, every relationship has value and should be treasured. Regret degrades you, but forgiveness can free you. I really encourage you to take stock of your relationships and make sure you aren’t missing anyone who should be there.

And if you are? Forgive them, or yourself, for what came before and welcome them back into your life.

Because it’s the people we share our lives with that make it worth living.

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2 comments on “Are You Taking Someone For Granted?”

  1. So beautiful, so true. I moved many times in my life, but somehow, and just in the last year, those old friends I really wanted to find, found me. Thanks to social media. I’m happier because they’re in my life again. Still far away, but our lines of communication are alive. Both were friends from early in high school.

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