/Please excuse me while I get on my soapbox/

Blogging is not only a way to tell the world about yourself and your writing, but a way to show your writing as well.

Please be sure to,

  1. Carefully proofread each post before you publish it. I like to proofread it, then also read it through in preview mode–sometimes seeing it laid out like that helps me notice how a word or phrase isn’t handled right.
  2. Appeal to your readers by giving them lots of white space. Just as you wouldn’t burden readers of your novel with enormous paragraphs, your blog posts will be much better received if you cut back on the words. Keep it simple. Tight. Succinct.
  3. Just as your writing has voice, so should your blog posts. Let them sound like you. Your readers will “hear” the sincerity in your blog writing and have a greater desire to read your other writing, too!

*note* Last December I received a request from an agent to see my work based on my blog. That agent went on to offer representation. So never assume that no one important reads your blogs–you never know who might be reading! Always put your best foot forward!

Do you agree with me, disagree? What’s your take? 

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34 comments on “blogging: an online representation of your writing”

  1. I do agree with you. I’ve had to go back to a few posts to fix a typo here and there or a weird formatting thing with blogger. I need to keep the preview thing in mind more often. 🙂

  2. ALI!

    Man you got you agent from you awesome blog!


    What a fantastic thing to happen. Congrats. And, I so agree with you. I try hard to catch all mistakes before posting, but sometimes I miss and a blogging buddy will point it out. Or, I might catch the problem and fix it right away.

    Great post….

    It’s true, another friend was approached by an agent from his blog as well.


  3. It never fails that even after I edit, edit again, then post, I will come across a little mistake. I always go back and read it a few times after posting to catch anything. Since I give a lot of editing advice, it would look kind of silly to to have editing mistakes in there! The trick is to laugh it away.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. Having written an I.T. business blog for my company for the past 9 years, I have learned to treat each post as a chance to demonstrate both my technical knowledge and my writing skills. Now that I am also writing for My Comfy Chair, which includes kid-lit reviews as well as writing saga, I feel equally responsible for the quality of each post.

    Everybody makes mistakes, especially given the fast pace of the blogging experience, but there is a reason why you are allowed to edit your posts. Write them, check them, post them, and then check again.

    Congratulations on the agent request. By the way, I am a fellow Crusader in your group, and I look forward to reading more of your work, both on the blog and beyond.

  5. I completely agree! I think your blog is where your author voice can shine, the one that makes you who you are. You should always put your best foot forward. You only get 1 chance to make a first impression, right? And you know, typos in a public forum like that (mine and anyone else’s) are totally one of my pet peeves.

  6. I definitely agree! And I think that spills over into other social media, too. You always want to think about how your words will portray you as a writer and a person. Great post!

  7. /agree

    But I never practice this, lol. Same goes with comments. I say, shoot first, ask questions later. Or just shoot from the hip. Both outcomes are usually the same where you miss your target and run away for dear life. 🙂

  8. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I love how you say to look at your post in preview mode before publishing it for the world to see, because I tend to always catch something after I hit ‘publish’ and realize I should have done exactly what you suggest- preview! So instead of returning to the post to do tweaks after everything is said, I’m going to sneak peek it first. Oh and, lucky you!! So cool that you sound an agent because of your blog! 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Ali! I’m impressed and now a little nervous, too. My blog is a jumble of things–but it’s my voice, so I guess that’s good!

    I love the preview function, but I ALWAYS have to go back and edit a few things!

  10. Short, sweet, and entirely useful post! Thanks!

    I generally agree, but that’s also because I’m like a compulsive proofreader, even after the post has gone live. 😛

    I’m not sure my blogging “voice” sounds much like my writing “voice” though. Hmm…

  11. Great post. I do proof my posts, because I can’t stand it when author blogs have spelling mistakes and things like that. But sometimes they still slip through. That’s amazing that an agent found you through your blog! How cool.

  12. Love this post, Ali. ♡

    I’m meticulous with my manuscripts.

    That said, dude, I slap up a blog post without a second glance. I write it in blogger and hit publish sans proofreading. CopperBoom!
    Thus, you may see a typo. It happens.
    (Also, blogger sometimes gets glitchy and formats funky on me.)

    I trust myself. I’m fairly capable of using proper grammar and spelling. I love using slang and made-up words, but I do so consciously.

    But, lawsamercy, for the love of punctuation, I agree with you!
    Reading a writer’s blog riddled with misspelled words, poor grammar and misplaced punctuation is irritating. And a little sad, depressing. Some of them are pretty popular. Some of them even get published. Still, I agree with you.


  13. I totally agree! Another thing that makes me cringe is when people insult agents, editors, publishers or other authors (even anonymously).

    Who is going to want to work with them if they do that?

  14. Great post thank you.
    All I would add – is what I’m oh so guilty of, don’t post right before you go to bed. I always do this (even though I tell myself not to)and then wake up screaming ‘TYPOs’as I realise I’ve still missed a couple of the little buggers.

    Tired eyes edit like Mr Magoo!

  15. It’s one of my pet peeves when bloggers don’t proofread their posts. They may spell check, but if they have the “correct” word where it’s not supposed to go, it’s very frustrating. A mistake here and there, fine. But I’ve seen bloggers who either have horrible typing skills and don’t proofread, or maybe they’re lazy. I even try to proofread my comments.

  16. So agree. I do the same thing, proofread and then reread again in preview. Also, the night before it posts I do one last check just in case. Doesn’t mean nothing ever slips through, but it has saved me so much *facepalming* Excellent points!

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