The human race will be destroyed by the very beings they created to protect them.

Archibald, Royal Servant of Serantha, Daughter of the West, has one mandate: Guide and protect Serantha. When the royal family is slain during a mutiny, Archibald sends the little girl down a garbage chute to save her life. For ten years Serantha is presumed dead, and Archibald has been forced to perform the drudgery of a mindless android. But deep in his programming he nurtures his one true purpose: Serantha lives, and he will find her.

Serantha has no memory of her privileged life as princess and heiress of her father’s domain. She lives in the bowels of the royal ship as a kitchen slave, despised even among those with whom she serves. But when Sera is confronted with the cruelty of the Mind, the evolved androids who overcame the human race, Sera’s identity is revealed and hiding in the kitchens is no longer an option.

Nicolai, Son of the West, has walked away from his crown, abandoning his family who refuse to acknowledge that the Mind will come for them next. The prophecies of an evolved human race died with Serantha and without their bond humanity has no hope of surviving, but Nicolai will not sit back and ignore the slow but steady demise of his race. He joins the revolutionaries of the West and there discovers a kitchen slave who might just be the one he’d long ago stopped hoping for.


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