Celebrate My Birthday Today!

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It’s time for presents, ya’ll!

Comment to win a signed copy of any one of my books! Sorry, far-away friends, I can only ship to the US this time. Mama’s livin’ on a dime these days!

Good luck and Happy Birthday to Me!

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Finally! There’s a New Book Coming Out!

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I’ve been super hush-hush about this one, too since it’s part of a brand new Kindle World!

Lucky Me = Lucky YOU!

I am so grateful for this opportunity! Ednah Walters writes kick-butt stories set in a world just like ours where the Norse gods are real and Valkyries and Grimnirs reap souls for Hell or Valhalla. And Amazon has picked up this Runes Series for it’s own Kindle World! AND, I get to be one of the twelve authors chosen to be the first to release books in this world! Lucky Me!

To spread the news and, of course, to celebrate, there are amazing events and giveaways planned to reveal to you each of the twelve stories and authors involved in this release. Lucky YOU!

I hope you’ll join in on the fun, enter to win prizes, discover new books and new authors, and help us spread the news! Thank you! xoxo


Click To Visit The Runes Universe Page


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