Last week my CP’s gave me a wonderful gift ~ they helped me realize that rejections on Desolation are not the end of the world.

What? That’s not news?

Let me explain:

Even though I know rejections don’t define my career as a writer, I was kind of living like they did. Like if I didn’t find an agent to rep Desolation, I’d never find an agent to represent me.

But here’s the thing (hold onto your hats because this one blew mine right off): Desolation is just a story.

I KNOW! Stunning. Revelatory.

See, the deal is, the agents who have commented on my work like my writing style. They like my voice, the pacing ~ they like the important stuff. And they even like Desolation’s premise. They just don’t like the story. For now. That doesn’t mean they might change their mind in a few months, a year, whatever. In the meantime, I can still write. Another story! Duh!

And I’ve got lots of those.

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Stories come and go, but being a good writer lasts forever, and I’m willing to work at this thing forever if I have to. Because one of these days all the stars will line up and I’ll have the right story, with the right writing and I’ll meet up with the right agent and . . . magic.

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15 comments on “That Magic Moment ~ Realizing Rejection is Not About ME”

  1. That’s the hardest part about the rejections — no matter how hard we try, we can’t take them as anything but personally in the beginning. Once we move past that, it seems to get better. Keep on writing. The stars will align.

  2. It can be so hard not to take rejections personally. It can feel like those rejections are about you as a writer, when they’re actually about your writing (which is always fixable). I’ll have to remind myself of that next time I get a rejection. 🙂

  3. Piedmont ~ It is hard. But not too hard to keep me from moving forward. Here’s to the stars! *cheers*

    Leisha ~ *cheers again!*

    Anna ~ We can always use reminding, can’t we?

    Thanks for visiting! ♥

  4. I love your writing style! And I think you’re absolutely right….this may not be the story that gets published, but you definitely have what it takes to write a good book. Whether it’s this story or a different one, you’re going to find something that works with your voice, something you’ll be proud to call your own when it finally hits the shelves!

    I haven’t had any experience with rejection, because I’ve only submitted manuscripts a few times. Still, I’m going to remember this post when I start querying agents in the fall. Rejection will happen. We writers have to suck it up and try not to take it personally!

  5. Aubrey ~ You are totally right. That’s what my aha moment gave me the freedom to do. Put away Desolation for a while, it’s no big deal. Because I’m a writer, not a one-trick pony so there will be other stories and other opportunities. I’m not giving up!

    Angie ~ Yeah, Desolation has been my baby for a long time now. And, it’s really close to my heart, hence why rejection of IT felt like rejection of ME. But my eyes are finally opening to the real truth: I have more stories in me. So it’s all good 🙂

    Kate!! So cool to “see” you here. And thanks for your compliments, you’re so sweet. And totally remember this. YOU are an excellent writer. Stories come and go, but what makes you awesome only gets better and better!

    Danyelle ~ You. Are. Not. Wrong. I feel HUGE relief. *sigh*

    Well, Elana, you taught me this. Thank you for being my friend and for blazing a path for me! I’m followin’ right behind ya!

  6. SUCH a great attitude! And I think you hit it exactly right. You never know which story is going to be THE ONE that helps you break in (or break out). You make each one the best it can be, then move on to the next. Because THAT just might be THE ONE.

    Happy Writing! 🙂

  7. Yep. You’re right. Funny thing is that I realized something similar very recently too. Not sure if it was Elana who convinced me, but I’ve seen quite a bit of her lately, so it’s entirely possible.

    Anyway, the point is I’m right there with you. Rejections suck. Big time. But I’ll keep writing, and keep querying. We’ll be the ones sliding through that bottle neck because neither one of us is a quitter. So. What else is there? Success. That’s all. It’s just a matter of time.

  8. Susan ~ Yeah! Well said!

    Carolyn ~ That’s why we keep blogs/journals, right? So we can be reminded of what we once knew. 😉

    Nichole ~ You’re awesome. I totally don’t mind being in this with you!

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